My First Blogmas!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share with you that I am going to participate in my first "Blogmas". The idea was brought on by my friend Eileen who said I should try this challenge out. I am really excited to see what I come up with and the content I'm going to be... Continue Reading →

Adventures in NorCal

To conclude my amazing weekend in NorCal, I wanted to share with you all a few pictures that I have yet to share. I had an incredible time with Alejandra, especially because we are both extremely spontaneous and love a good outing (and a good beer!). So here are a few of the funnest and... Continue Reading →

What I ate in NorCal – Day Two!

On Day Two of my NorCal trip, Alejandra and I decided to explore Martinez a little bit more. Being such a historical little town, I was really excited to see what else Martinez had to offer. Upon the recommendation of Ale's roommate, we went to what became my favorite place in Martinez. Our first stop... Continue Reading →

What I ate in NorCal – Day One!

Food is a quintessential part of traveling! Wherever you go, you're bound to come across some amazing dishes and places that are local to your destination. Visiting NorCal earlier this month made me realize that there are a lot of similar and eccentric places that offer delicious meals without emptying out your wallet! One of... Continue Reading →

Fashion on a budget

Who says you have to spend an insane amount of money to build your own personal style? Have you ever just scrolled through your social media feeds and thought, "how in the hell can I afford all these amazing clothes?" I am a notorious shopper! My friends can definitely attest to that. But being fashionable... Continue Reading →

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