About Miriam

Welcome to my site! I am a plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger from the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles area with a passion for sharing the bits and pieces of my life with the world. I love iced vanilla oat lattes, a good book, beer, and the small stuff!
I have been an active blogger for 5 years now and this blog was specifically designed with you in mind! Every little element of this has been passionately and patiently curated to bring a sense of strength, confidence, and happiness to those who want a glimmer of hope or a sprinkle of inspiration. There is no limit to the dialogue or conversation; this is an open space for everyone of all different walks of life. I hope to provide you with a certain je ne sais quoi that can help ignite that flame inside. I am so grateful to be influenced by strong and majestic human beings and my purpose is not to influence, but to inspire change, in all or in some aspects of life.
Like Mr. Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” 
Here’s to life, may it be magical.