My Self-Care Routine

Everyone has a self-care routine that they have adapted to their every day routine. We unconsciously create a routine for ourselves that seems to work. It depends on everyone what they include throughout their day, what makes them feel good, what relaxes them, what de-stresses them. After learning more about self-care and what it really consists of, I realized that my self-care routine depends on a day by day basis. I like consistency, but I also love spontaneity. It keeps me on my toes and every day is different depending on how my overall day went. We hear so often about taking care of ourselves, to make sure that we are good in all aspects of our lives. Sometimes, we tend to do things so automatically that we don’t realize what we are doing until we are doing that activity. Self-care is so important, especially in this day and age. We tend to focus so much on the technological aspects of our lives, that we forget to put our phones, laptops, and tablets down for a few hours. Unplugging has become a huge thing in my self-care routine, as soon as I start getting ready for bed, my phone is plugged in to its charger and away from my bed. 

Now, everyone is entitled to how they want to wind down for the day. We all take care of ourselves the best way we know how and there is nothing wrong with that. One thing that does annoy me at times is when people want to push certain methods of self-care, thinking that their way is the “universal” way of doing things. I’ve written about my self-care routine before, but that was before I really understood what it meant to take care of yourself. There is no “right” or “wrong”, there is no “perfect” way, and there is definitely no “universal” way to take care of yourself. Below is a list of things that I do to keep myself sane and balanced when things are hitting the fan:

  • Listening to my favorite music

  • Drinking a glass of red wine

  • Putting on a face mask

  • Lighting up my favorite scented candles (always depends on the season)

  • Deep clean my room (this includes my closet and bookshelves)

  • Dance around in my underwear

  • Read a poetry book (Re-reading Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, my favorite!)

  • Working on my daily planner/bullet journal

  • Reading romantic novels (I’ve been reading novels by Samantha Young)

  • Painting my nails

  • Brushing my hair

  • Eating my favorite foods (SUSHI AND TACOS FOR THE WIN)

  • Going to Disneyland and watching the fireworks (only when time permits)

  • Creating looks for content photo shoots

  • Shopping (a little retail therapy never hurt, unless you go to Target, then you’re on your own there)

  • Laying on the floor of my bedroom

While everyone takes care of themselves differently, we all have things that make us feel good and fulfilled. It’s always okay to change it up day to day. And then there’s days where you just wanna lay in bed and do nothing, and I for one, can totally relate. 

 xo, Miriam

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