The Key to Confidence

A week ago, I posted an IGTV about where confidence comes from and why it’s important to exude confidence. I never thought I would talk about this topic because I was the last person to ever exude any type of confidence. I had asked my amazing followers what kind of topics I should touch base on through IGTV and confidence was the top subject! It surprised me a lot that people would want me to talk about my journey in finding my confidence because it feels like I would be gloating about myself. One of the things I found extremely powerful about sharing my journey was the responses I got back from my followers and how many of them didn’t realize how much it takes to get to a comfortable point in your life where you’re like “YES! I am confident and I have no shame!”.

A couple things I touched base on with my video was the importance of loving yourself and coming to terms with the fact that you owe it to yourself to believe in yourself. It sounds repetitive, because it is! As simple as it seems, it does take a lot of work to be fully comfortable with yourself and be able to show who you are not only through social media, but in real life as well. For the better part of my early 20’s, I realized that life is only as fulfilling as we make it and I didn’t want to be miserable for the rest of it. With that being said, becoming confident is a journey in itself.

Now, everyone has a different journey and we all have obstacles that come across when we least expect them to. One of the main things I learned in my own journey is that I need to let things happen in order to get maintain the balance of good and bad in my life. While we all want more good things than bad, I started to realize that all the bad things that were happening always came with a lesson that would manifest itself into the biggest blessings ever. Confidence, although can be hard to obtain, does not come overnight. It takes time, it takes loving yourself, and most of all, it takes patience.

Now, being confident does not mean you’re cocky or conceited. It can often be misconstrued by people that don’t know you and want to make an automatic assumption of who you are. But that’s the wonder of being confident, you tend to care less of other’s opinions of you, you start to glow in a way that you never thought possible. So, my advice to you, go be confident. Learn to grow and thrive in confidence, it’ll be a game changer, I promise .

– xo, Mirms

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