Why being Body Positive is harder than it seems…

Every day, we are faced with countless forms of appreciation and love for the human body. We tend to put these thoughts at the forefront of our minds when it comes to our own body positivity. I became a huge advocate for body positivity and for loving myself just the way I am, rolls and all. But have you ever stopped to think about how this affects a person, not only physically, but mentally?

Body positivity has taken the world by storm in these last few years and let me tell you, it is the most reassuring thing in the world for me. After dipping my toes into plus size fashion and showing women that look like me that it’s okay to wear whatever the fuck they want, I started to think about how this has affected me personally.

My journey started late 2017, trying to get out of the slump of wearing jeans and t-shirts every damn day to work. My wardrobe was minimal, and mostly everything was either black or denim. I realized that all though I did have somewhat of a fashion sense, I had to stop being so “conservative” with my outfits. It was around the same time that I cut off toxic friendships and started to keep my circle of friends relatively small. I realized that no matter what, fashion was something that I could dive into and feel completely satisfied with. As time passed by, I started to really build my wardrobe, to build my “brand” as a plus size woman. I followed a lot of BoPo accounts of Instagram and started to finally feel like I had found my niche.

One of the main problems that comes with being a BoPo woman, is the constant feeling that you are not good enough to promote Body Positivity. And I say this with the most honest heart, it has been tough. Not only do I start to compare myself to the other BoPo women that I follow, but I get a sense of “maybe I’m not doing this the right way” or “what do they have that I don’t”. Being a plus size woman for pretty much my entire life has lead me to this exact moment; the feeling of not being “good enough” for even the fat community. Being fat in today’s society is such a breath of fresh air, we have models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday, artists like Lizzo and Adele, and a whole community of woman who have told society to fuck off! I feel so blessed to live in a time where women of all sizes have started to become more comfortable in their own skin.

To all the bodies out there:

You are beautiful

You are loved

You are cherished

You are adored

You are amazing

While this does not go without its pesky commentators, it’s a constant reminder that staying positive about how we look, feel, and portray ourselves is a full-time job, even when it feels like it’s part time.

xo, Miriam

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