The Gift of Giving

This year, I wanted to really get into the spirit of Christmas and really give back to my community in a way that was possible. This past week, my comadre Linda brought up the perfect opportunity to give back this holiday season!

Through her job, Linda was able to “adopt” a family for the holidays. Each case is met with the utmost dignity and respect, and this family couldn’t have come at the more perfect time. We always think of ways to give back and how we can go about doing it and my prayers were answered through Linda! I was able to take on the little 2-year old boy who stood out amongst his siblings and decided that I would be responsible for giving that little boy a few gifts for Christmas.

I did some shopping and found the cutest outfits and sweaters for this little boy. Not knowing exactly what he likes or who he is made it a bit difficult, but my goal was to make sure he had at least two outfits and some warm sweaters for the winter. I couldn’t pass up on those adorable sweaters!

This was my exchange with Linda…

I had asked her if we had to wrap the gifts up and she said we could, which delighted me even more! Giving back to this family and adopting the boy for Christmas was the most rewarding feeling in the world. I had never done this before, so being a small part of this family’s Christmas means the world to me. If giving back is something you feel like doing this Christmas, check in with your local hospitals, clinics, shelters and/or schools. There are so many families out there that deserve a little something for Christmas. The spirit of Christmas isn’t in what we get, but in what we give and spread that joy into the world.

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