What I Wore – NorCal Edition!

I took my time planning out my outfits for my trip to NorCal. My goal was to pack only 3 outfits, one for each day without any extra options. Fashion does not have to be sacrificed when traveling, so I took it upon myself to limit my wardrobe and stick to 3 complete outfits. Although I am notorious for taking more than what I need on a trip, I stuck with my choices, rearranging them depending on the activities that were planned for the day. Taking a look at how the weather was going to be and after consulting with Alejandra, here are the 3 outfits that I wore in NorCal:

Day One: I wore what was probably my favorite of the 3 outfits this day. I paired a shirt dress with a jean jacket and some brown booties. For my accessories, I wore the most adorable pair of earrings, sunglasses and crossbody bag. I felt so good in this outfit, I was getting compliments from people on the street.

Day Two: I went a little out of my comfort zone for this outfit. After walking all over the city the day before, I decided to give my feet a rest. I paired a long shirt dress with a bow, crossbody bag, mules, sunglasses and stud earrings. Simple yet colorful and perfect for an autumn day. What I loved about this outfit was that I was able to take it from day to night with just a change of shoes!

Day Three: On my last day in NorCal, I decided that that outfit was going to be simple and easy to wear. I loved the simplicity of wearing a sweater, jeans, and my go-to mules. Especially since I was going to wear that to travel back home. I wore my sweater with my favorite jeans, go-to mules, sunglasses and simple crossbody bag.

For Travel: I changed my jeans and wore a pair of wide leg pants from UNIQLO which were one of the best purchases I made in NorCal. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the outfit, but I will post a link to the pants!

To shop my looks, links are provided in “Shop My Closet” on my homepage!

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