What I ate in NorCal – Day Two!

On Day Two of my NorCal trip, Alejandra and I decided to explore Martinez a little bit more. Being such a historical little town, I was really excited to see what else Martinez had to offer. Upon the recommendation of Ale’s roommate, we went to what became my favorite place in Martinez.

Our first stop was Barrelista Coffee House in Downtown Martinez. Immediately as we walked through the door, I knew I was going to fall in love with this place. With their vintage decor and amazing vibes, Barrelista was everything I could want in a coffee shop. I ordered their House Mocha with oat milk! Alejandra had made fun of my love for oat milk, since that’s usually what I opt for as a dairy free substitute. The mocha was rich and decadent; so full of flavor and absolutely mind-blowing. I paired my House Mocha with their Wakin’ Bacon sandwich on a ciabatta roll that was so freakin’ AMAZING!

Barrelista’s Mocha with Oat Milk & The Wakin’ Bacon Sandwich

For lunch, Alejandra drove us to Napa Valley to try out the best burgers in town! We went to Gott’s Roadside and I had the most mouth watering burger and garlic fries. I got the Texas Avocado Burger which contains Jack cheese, sliced avocados, salsa, mayo & pickled jalapeños on a toasted egg bun all for $10.99. I got a side of garlic fries, which they toss in garlic butter and parsley. Gott’s definitely got my approval!

Gott’s Roadside Texas Avocado Burger & Garlic Fries

After driving back into the City, Ale and I were hopelessly stuffed from our amazing burgers in Napa. We decided to grab some drinks before our concert (more on that later). We walked down the steep hills of San Francisco to Golden Gate Tap Room & Grill. Alejandra got a Watermelon Wheat Beer while I got my usual Guinness (which was incorrectly poured, as always). I didn’t take any pictures inside of the bar, there was a football game going on, but I did get to take a picture of the exterior part with its big bright sign!

Golden Gate Tap Room & Grill

Overall, Day Two was a success. Alejandra took me all over the Bay Area to try some of the finest meals I’ve had in a while. It’s quite possible, that I most likely would not have tried these meals out in LA. But, a wanderer  never wondered! Can’t wait to visit these locations again!

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