What I ate in NorCal – Day Three!

On my final day in NorCal, Ale and I slept in after quite the night in the city! Ale woke up craving Poke bowls and I was all for it!

We drove down to Concord to try out the best Poke bowl I have had in a long while! We went to Poke Salad which is a staple in Concord. We arrived around 11am and found ourselves ordering the biggest bowl of fresh Poke for our breakfast (which was actually brunch). I ordered a tuna on white rice poke bowl with mushrooms, edamame, corn, garlic, and onions. It was so satisfying and so delicious, I devoured it so heartily.

Tuna Poke Bowl from Poke Salad

Right after Poke, we went to its sister store, T4, where they sell boba. I ordered a basic soy milk tea with boba and Ale got a potted milk tea with boba. Both drinks were so yummy and satisfied our sweet tooth after our poke bowls.

Boba from T4

After walking around Concord, Ale drove us to Walnut Creek, where after so much window shopping and walking, we took a break at Lemonade. I have never even been to the one in Los Angeles, so trying Lemonade for the first time was an experience. I got their Lavender Elderflower Lemonade and a side of white truffle Mac n Cheese and mashed potatoes.

Lemonade – Concord, CA

Day Three was all about random cravings and satisfying our moods. I was so glad that Ale had an appetite because we definitely ate our way through NorCal. Thanks to all the locations and places we ate at and a special thanks to Alejandra for showing me around NorCal. Can’t wait to go back and visit!

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