Dressing my plus size body

Growing up, I never really paid attention to what I wore. As a child, my mother picked out most of my wardrobe and I didn't really care, especially since the schools I attended had a mandatory uniform policy. It wasn't something I fully invested myself in, but as I got older, I started noticing changes... Continue Reading →

26 things I learned before 26

As my 26th birthday creeps up on me, I have been wondering what exactly have I learned in the 26 years of life that I have been blessed with. I've always had the notion in my mind that our lives are simply borrowed, eventually we have to return them, but not without a little use.... Continue Reading →

Autumn Wardrobe Staples

Autumn is single-handedly my favorite season during the year. It allows me the pleasure of being able to create layered looks, even in this California weather. Because I'm always dressing for the season, I managed to create a small capsule of some of my favorite fall staples that have been getting very much rotation since... Continue Reading →

Autumn Bucket List

Hi everyone! As you all know, we are well underway our first week of autumn and I am so excited to share some of my plans for the next couple of weeks. I have been busy jotting down some ideas and brainstorming how I am going to take this fall season by storm! I have... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Gallbladder

I still cannot believe that a year ago today, I was getting prepped for gallbladder removal surgery. Just the thought of the entire day made me realize how lucky I was to have caught my diagnosis when I did. Although the timing was absolutely horrible, I couldn't wait to be pain free for the first... Continue Reading →

My mind is reeling…

It's been a while since I've really talked to you all about my own mental health struggles. These last few weeks have possibly been some of the toughest I've had to endure in the last 8 months and I don't know whether to scream or run. Usually around August-September, the universe conspires to make it... Continue Reading →

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